Welcome to CompTIA AITP of University of Missouri – St. Louis! We are excited to tell you more about us today!

CompTIA is a non-profit organization that is the voice of the worlds (IT) Information Technology industry that offers the 12 industry leading certifications. A few of the offered certifications are A+, CSA+, Linux+, and many more.

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is also a non-profit organization that is US-oriented including student chapters and professional chapters. We focus on the IT education for business professionals. In summer of 2017, CompTIA and AITP became one. Previously they were two separate organizations.

Mission: To be a voice and an advocate for the technology industry, attracting and enriching professionals through industry insight, networking and education.

Vision: To be the go-to resource for individuals seeking to start, grow, and advance careers in technology. We seek to fill the pipeline with the next generation of talent, attracting and supporting the largest, most diverse, innovative and skilled workforce. As advocates for technology industry, we aspire to drive economic growth and benefit society.

What We Do?
  • Introduce you to the diversity of IT fields;
  • Help you build lifelong relationships;
  • Help you network into your field of interest;
  • Provide access to empowering resources and opportunities.